The Science Room Botany Taxonomy Quiz Name _______________________
Fill in the blank in each of the following statements.

1. Practical plant taxonomy means _____________________________________________________.
2. __________________________________________, the main work of Linnaeus, is the starting point for modern botanical nomenclature.
3. A plant Family name adds ___________________ to the end of the genus name.
4. Most literature refers only to these three classification group names for any plant. _________________________________________
5. The Family Pinaceae has ______________________________ type leaves.
6. The _____________________________________ fixes the strict concept of the species and the application of its name.
7. ________________________________________ form their seeds enclosed in a fruit.
8. All members of the Class Dicotyledoneae have ______________________________________________.
9. Grasses are ___________________________________ flowering plants with narrow leaves and jointed stems.
10. ____________________________________ plants complete their life cycle over two growing seasons.
11. __________________________________ is the application of names to plants.
12. Scientific names of taxonomic groups are treated as _______________________, regardless of their derivation.
13. The ___________________________________ of the scientific name is the individual responsible for the name.
14. There is a movement to adopt only one classification system, ___________________________________, for all types of living things.
15. "Pliny the Elder" tried to record ________________________________________________________.
16. _______________________________________ is the grouping of plants based on their presumed relationships.
17. In a scientific name, the _____________________________________________ names are either italicized or underlined.
18. An __________________________________ must come from the same collection, with the same locality, data, and number as the Holotype.
19. _________________________________________ form "naked seeds".
20. Monocots have leaves that are usually _______________________________-veined.