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The educational mission of Crescent Public Schools is to educate students and enhance positive character within a safe, nurturing environment while encouraging life-long learning, productivity, responsibility, success and citizenship.

April Parent Letter

New Students enrolling at CES must provide the following:

Birth Certificate
Shot Record
Proof of Residence
Social Security Number

Helping Your Child
Learn Mathematics

1st Grade Happy Video

Pre-K  ♦  Kindergarten  ♦  1st − 5th

Online Testing Link

Wayne Owens − principal
Gaye Backer − counselor
Marcia Dimmitt − pre-kindergarten
Heather Heiden − pre-kindergarten
Karen Christensen − kindergarten
TJ Lahr − kindergarten
Mandy Mize − 1st grade
Stephanie Wood − 1st grade
Tonya Cummings − 2nd grade
Tammy Payne − 2nd grade
Dawn Wilson − 3rd grade
Candy Cutter − 3rd grade
Rhonda Bailey − 4th grade
Charlotte Kramer − 4th grade
Kathy Price − 4th grade
Lori Heinen − 5th grade
Betsy Atteberry − 5th grade
Vikki Davis − reading
Amy Barrie   reading intervention
Sherri Anderson − special ed
Danyele Walker − special ed
Connie Lady − speech pathology
Monica Williams − Speech Therapist
Karl Butt − physical ed
Sam Stephens − physical ed
Support Personnel